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So yes, I know, it has been a while (a whole year and 2 months).  After all this time with no new posts it is assumed that I must of kept myself pretty busy for a whole year, and, well I guess I have.

One the main reasons why my posts failed to appear on ‘Play by Philippa’ is that I became a full-fledging, brief case carrying, Sales Executive again. I began working for a company that has been importing high quality Playground Equipment from Europe for 10 years and now more recently from America.

I was very proud to say that during my time at that company I have never worked so hard, attending meetings, submitting tenders and driving round the great state of NSW, with only enough energy at night to change television stations. Though that’s no excuse, I should be able to have a full time job and write a blog at the same time, loads of people have achieved that feat. So I promise to make it up to my readers, family, friends and ex colleagues, thanks for reading.

However all good salaries must come to end and I have just recently taken the big plunge by starting my own business, an ABN has been acquired and ‘Play by Philippa’ is officially a registered business name. Hooray!

I am so excited to start something I have been so passionate about for so long, and that’s creating wonderful outdoor play spaces concentrating on natural play and organic and sustainable design.

It has been discussed among many leading professionals in the play industry, that today’s kids do not get enough time to actually play as kids outside. Many children, such as those that live in urban centres, do not receive regular exposure to natural environments, such as farms and bushland, and it has been proven that children that miss out on these experiences do miss out on long term benefits.

‘Play by Philippa’ will aim to convert the everyday playground from ultra-safe, sterile spaces to creative, organic and magical environments that little people will adore and remember with fondness as adults. This blog will still be used as an outlet to express my views about the changing play industry and the new, unreal and fantastic playgrounds as well as the people who have made them possible.

Stay tuned, so much is happening for ‘Play by Philippa’ and I look forward to sharing it with you.



Found this swanky swing on inhabitots,  the baby / parenting focused website from the Inhabitat family. I have already looked throughout the website and have really enjoyed the resources it has to offer, I particularly appreciate the inhabitots motto “Sustainable design for the next generation“.

The Leaf Swings are produced by enessentia, a Madrid based design firm founded by Veronica Martínez, and come in two varieties. Autumn Leaf is limited edition cast aluminium and can be ordered in other RAL colours. The sculpture is inspired by falling leaves in Autumn and comfortably supports up to 200kg.

The natural version of the leaf swing is made by “Spanish artisans in solid Cerejeira wood (South american Oak).” Colours of rope include red, black, navy, white and hemp. I would love to purchase one of these for myself or future backyard however I don’t have a good tree at the moment or a spare AUS$740 lying around.

Thank you Inhabitots and enessentia for the images.

Earlier this year I made an effort to visit the Kolle 37 Adventure Playground in the district of Prenzlauer Berg while in Berlin. After speaking with one of the ‘educators’ I learnt the Playground was founded over 20 years ago with children free to roam in and out of the playground when they please. ‘Educators’ maintain the playground’s safety and encourage children’s development in play and experimentation by providing interesting spaces inspired by the elements, such as the supervised fire, the adventure fort, the sand pit, the water fountain and “The Hut”.

The Kolle 37 Adventure Playground is modeled on 5 Basic Key Principles: 1. Creates Conditions, 2. Openness, 3. Care, 4. Participation and 5. Community Orientation.

What I liked best about the playground is that the Children or Adolescent users of the space are not viewed “as objects of adult guardianship, but as equal human beings” with an opportunity to determine their own play experience.

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I recently visited  the Manly Vale Community Garden on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and really loved it. There was a true spirit to the garden and the involvement and commitment by the community could be seen in the beautifully kept veggie patches and the small orchard. Children were playing on all play equipment pieces especially liking the rockers and the double mound slide. I personally enjoyed the basket swing and just overall relaxing in the space.

The Manly Vale Community Garden blog has further information about the garden, becoming a member, as well classes and events on organic gardening. So get gardening, oh and playing of course!

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