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Earlier this year I made an effort to visit the Kolle 37 Adventure Playground in the district of Prenzlauer Berg while in Berlin. After speaking with one of the ‘educators’ I learnt the Playground was founded over 20 years ago with children free to roam in and out of the playground when they please. ‘Educators’ maintain the playground’s safety and encourage children’s development in play and experimentation by providing interesting spaces inspired by the elements, such as the supervised fire, the adventure fort, the sand pit, the water fountain and “The Hut”.

The Kolle 37 Adventure Playground is modeled on 5 Basic Key Principles: 1. Creates Conditions, 2. Openness, 3. Care, 4. Participation and 5. Community Orientation.

What I liked best about the playground is that the Children or Adolescent users of the space are not viewed “as objects of adult guardianship, but as equal human beings” with an opportunity to determine their own play experience.


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