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The NY Times recently featured this charming treehouse built by an interior designer from New Orleans by the name of Alexandra Meyn.

There is just so much I love about this Treehouse, firstly how is it designed and styled as its own individual space with “pink bats on the wall, and glass windows that dangle on the ground-floor level like earrings”. I also love how the Treehouse is used as a place of refuge and escape from the city and decorated with treasures just like a child’s special place. However I think what has inspired me most is how this Treehouse was built to brighten Alexandra’s spirits and a way for her to showcase her unique style. Alexandra gave herself a $400 Budget for the construction and taught herself valuable design skills such as turning her blueprint into reality and sourcing pre-loved building supplies, like finding doors and windows on the street and  having paint and floorboards supplied by Build It Green in Queens.

I have been incredibly inspired by this Treehouse and I hope you were too. You can read the full article from the NY Times and more for information about Alexandra Meyn please visit her website.


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