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What can be more fun than swinging inside your house? Search ‘Indoor swings’ into google and you are bombarded, and in my case inspired, by some fabulous images of swings in some even more fabulous interiors. So I thought I would inspire you too.

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For the first post for play by philippa, I am going to start by posting a play structure that everyone just looks at in awe and says “Man! I wish I had that growing up.” Designed by Berlin-based ANNABAU Architektur und Landschaft . The entire structure composes of two elements. The outer element is a ‘multi-layered loop’ of suspended net and climbing elements supported by continuous stainless steel piping. The inner element is an arrangement of Rubber mounds allowing play of all types.

You can view more photos and plans of the structure at ANNABAU Architektur und Landschaft.

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