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Wouldn’t it great to transfer every old billboard in this way? Yes i know it looks completely unsafe, but the idea is completely inspired.  The artists/architects from Mesarchitecture  aim to provide a welcome break from the modern urban space, for two people,  by providing a ‘urban reanimation device’ that although risky allows a new perception of the city to develop.  The idea is that “they will both escape and dominate public space through a game of equilibrium and desequilibrium.”

Double Happiness reminds me of when I would swing upside down in my own backyard, and viewing my surroundings from this angle would create a whole new perception of the world.


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I get so excited when I discover a cool playground on the web however I am even more excited about this Playground dubbed ‘Geopark’.  ‘Geopark‘ is completely constructed using recycled materials left over from the local oil industry in Stavanger, Norway.

The Norwegian Architects Helen and Hard utilized the expertise and materials (including waste) obtained from the oil industry as well as the involvement and ideas of local youths to create a park sensitive to the site and needs of the community. The park includes spaces for play, skate and riding and discarded objects are used to create a jumping landscape, a trasfer basket, chill-out area and an exhibition space to house graffiti and street art.

‘Geopark’ was originally intended to have a lifeline of one year,  however’ according to the Helen and Hard website, there are discussions to make the Park a permanent feature.

Thank you to Abstract Noun and Apartment Therapy for their Photos.

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I was recently told about these extraordinary ‘travelling rings’ at Riverside Park, New York and after a bit of research I also found images and videos of these swings from Muscle Beach, Santa Monica. These athletes or ‘flyers’ make swinging on metal hanging rings from one end to another look effortless. There are some great videos of the ‘travelling rings’ being used on youtube, with kids as young as 5 having a go! This is a great example of fitness disguised as play and shows that you are never too old for a swing. I wonder could these ever work in Australia?

Images linked to sources.

 For more information about travelling rings visit the

 Ring Flyers website.

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What can be more fun than swinging inside your house? Search ‘Indoor swings’ into google and you are bombarded, and in my case inspired, by some fabulous images of swings in some even more fabulous interiors. So I thought I would inspire you too.

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